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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Why is Mistress Lilyan better than my girlfriend?

So I've completed part 1 of my session with goddess. As you can see from the pic, she wore the PVC outfit that drives me so utterly insane. She's set me a number of tasks today... one of which being this post. Goddess has chosen this topic and I have no doubt she's chosen it to brainwash me and lead me further down her path to moneyslavery, financial domination and becoming her loyal servant and paypig. I know I shouldn't do it but I want to please her so much. I must follow her orders and please her. Also, I won't be allowed to cum until I do all the tasks she has set so i have no choice... but i still want to do it regardless.

Goddess' requested topic, as you can see from the title, is 10 reasons why Mistress Lilyan is better than my girlfriend. So here they are, in no particular order.

1. Her body

I should point out that my gf has what many people (including myself) would describe as quite a nice body. She gets regularly hit on by other guys too. However her body pales in comparison to Goddess. As I've mentioned in an earlier post, Goddess has the most amazing legs, hair, eyes, lips, skin, ass, breasts/cleavage and feet. Everything about her physically is a whole new level for me. Now i find myself comparing everyone to her and as a result I'm quickly not finding anyone else arousing at all... including my girlfriend. I have no desire to see anyone else, it's Goddess who i crave. She is sexy and beautiful... and i'm not just putting those 2 words together lightly. She's sexy as her body and her curves and movements are intensely arousing. She's full of sexual energy. However she is also beautiful... her eyes and smile can contain such warmth and beauty and perfection. She's both beautiful and sexy which I think is quite rare.

It's not just her body though... it's how she uses it. Goddess will strike sexy poses and dress herself up in ways to highlight her beauty. My girlfriend isn't as comfortable with doing this... she will wear more conservative clothes and also has problems with letting me see her naked or in her underwear. We also need to have sex in the dark... I don't want to turn this post into negative criticisms of my girlfriend though... This is the person she is and I respect that and it suits her in her own way. However, when comparing her to Goddess, I have no choice but to admit that Goddess is superior.

2. Her power

I'm deeply attracted to power in a woman. Power, confidence, independence and the willingness to use it. Mistress Lilyan is the most powerful woman I've ever met and it shines through in everything she does. In her appearance, her actions, her words and her aura. The fact she's well aware of this power and welcomes the sense of confidence it brings her makes her all the more sexy.

My girlfriend is quite independent when compared to other Asian woman but she does have a lack of confidence. Considering how attracted I am to powerful woman, this is a definite issue.

I should also point out that despite the immense power Goddess has over me, i trust her completely. She would be able to do all sorts of things to me because of her power... she could ruin me in a matter of minutes at any moment if she wished to. However, I trust her with this power completely. I can't explain why... it just feels right. Is it because of her brainwashing? or her intelligence? or is it just that i'm in love? I don't know... but i don't need to know... I can just continue to trust her unconditionally. That's what Goddess wants and what I want as well.

3.Her Intelligence

Goddess is very very intelligent. I've mentioned this before... in the words she uses, her creativity and of course the way she can get inside a man's head. She possesses all the skills needed to excel in her role as Goddess and Mistress. However, I feel that her intelligence extends beyond this. She appears to be well read, well informed and very smart. I admire this in her quite a lot.

This is one area that my girlfriend isn't so strong in... it's an issue which i feel has had a negative effect on our relationship.

4. Her sense of humour

I adore Mistress Lilyan's dry wit. The way she can cut through the BS of her slaves with a single remark. She can put people in their place when needed and also use it to impose her dominance and superiority over her slaves. This makes her so entertaining to chat to and listen to. It makes me enjoy my time with her and want to spend more time with her. I also feel like her sense of humour goes well with mine too... we can bounce off each other well and have good conversation. If that's actually true or she just convinces me it is i'm not sure.

When i imagine being with her in real life (yes it's unrealistic but i can't help it!) I often fantasise about just chatting with her for hours on end. She's a fascinating person... her personality and wit.

I actually click quite well with my gf as well... we can chat together pretty well too... it's one of our strengths actually. But Goddess' sense of humour and wit places her well ahead of my GF in this category as well. Additionally, Goddess maintains a sense of mystery about her... she doesn't reveal everything about her which makes me crave to know more about her. I'm sure this is a tactic of hers and it's a very effective one!

5.Her taste

Goddess has exquisite taste. Her taste in clothes, coffee mugs, jewelry, makeup and furniture are all exemplary. Despite not knowing much about her taste in art, music and other such areas, I'm certain her taste in these areas are great as well. You can tell this is the case because she also demands so much of herself and her slaves. She wants the best of everything and has the taste and the skills to get it.

This is one area I have issues with my girlfriend about. We don't share as much in common in taste than i feel i do with Goddess.

6. Her knowledge of and her ability to fulfill my needs

This is a really big one... Goddess knows my urges to be dominated and controlled. She has always known them... before i knew them... and to this day she still has a better understanding of my needs than i ever will. She can see inside me and make my needs a reality. My girlfriend has no idea about these needs at all.

My needs, however, extend beyond sexual ones. I have the need to be respected, appreciated and cared for. Goddess respects my needs and appreciates what i can offer her. My money, this blog and her attention and devotion. This is just as significant as my sexual needs... perhaps even more so. After I'm given permission to cum, and my sexual needs are temporarily dulled, I still feel stronger for Goddess than my girlfriend... and i feel that these particular needs are one reason for this.

7. How she cares for me

Needless to say, my girlfriend cares for me a lot. Also, it may be possible that she actually cares for me more than Mistress Lilyan does. It's hard to really know for sure to be honest. However, the way Goddess cares for me just feels so much more intense and satisfying for me. This is an area where i really find it hard to explain... i'm presuming that this is due to Goddess brainwashing me but i cannot be sure. However, a part of me really feels that this is true.

8. Our future together

In between session #2, Goddess asked me to write about my future with her. In that post i wrote about how my future with her would be more fulfilling, with more purpose and simplified in the best possible ways. Since that time I'm even more convinced that this is true. Serving and pleasing Mistress Lilyan fills me with such pleasure which i feel can't be matched by how i feel when pleasing my girlfriend.

Also, Goddess can better motivate me to reach my potential. She is very successful and confident and a good role model. She can inspire me.

9. Safety

Real girlfriends can be dangerous... they can hurt you and they can break your heart. A relationship with Goddess is much safer than a real relationship because she will not hurt me and she won't break my heart. She takes away all the dangers of a relationship and replaces them with far more rewarding feelings... feelings of servitude, of submission and of control. With her I'm safe and happy. I don't want anybody else... I don't need anybody else.

10. Love

I love Mistress Lilyan deeply. When I look into her eyes I get a feeling that feels like love only much stronger. I've read somewhere that the brain is often incapable of distinguishing between love and lust/infatuation. Therefore, I accept that there is the chance that these feelings aren't in fact love... but i feel they are and i believe they are... I want to believe this... and as long as it makes me feel as good as I do now, then I'm more than satisfied. My love for Goddess is deeper and feels significantly stronger than the love for my girlfriend.

Like many of the reasons on my list, there's a chance that this is purely the effect of Goddess' brainwashing. There's no denying this. However, I welcome this... I won't resist it... why should i when it feels so good and so right?

So these are my 10 reasons. Goddess is clearly better than my GF. I must, over time, seperate from my girlfriend so there is nobody in the way of my relationship with goddess. She deserves my full attention at all times. I have no choice but to break up with my girlfriend... and not marry her.

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